Roller Shutter Door Service and Repairs

What Roller Shutter Door services do we offer?


  • New roller shutter door installations
  • General roller shutter door servicing
  • We do roller shutter door repairs
  • A scheduled, 6 month maintenance plan
  • Custom roller shutter door solutions for the industrial and domestic sectors.

Types of Roller Shutter Doors

Most Roller Shutter types are made of mild steel, galvanized, Cold Rolled, Aluminum, Powder coated and stainless steel. Below we have listed the main types for you:

Built – on and Built- in Roller doors:

In the built-on roller door , the roller shutter box is fixed to the exterior of the building, whereas, with the built–in roller door, the box is built into the lintel above window.


Electric Roller Doors are generally fitted with tubular motor within roller.  by installing an automation system, it can also be operated automatically, using a remote.

Push and Pull shutters:

Push and Pull shutters are manually operated and are highly durable. They require low maintenance and function as a steel wall. Push and Pull shutter doors give better protection against theft and are an ideal choice for stores, shops, garages and warehouses.

Perforated Rolling:

This is the economic option. This option will work with both large or small openings such as, display areas or shop fronts. The gate is made of interlocking, perforated, galvanized steel laths. These laths are usually locked together by plastic or steel end locks and is a combination of grille and shutter, providing better security, with a great visual appearance. 

Need your roller shutter door repaired or serviced? Get in touch and let the professionals take care of it for you.

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