What CCTV services do we offer? 

  • Supply and do the installation of new packages
  • Fault finding, repairs and maintenance of existing CCTV installations
  • Upgrades and add-ons for existing CCTV systems

What CCTV equipment do we use in our packages?

We currently offer equipment from 3 main manufacturers, being HIK VISION,PRO VISION & DAHUA

Some important factors to take into consideration when selecting a CCTV camera package:

Lens Size:

The rule of thumb is that every millimetre of lens size, is equal in meters to how far the camera will be able to view its subject.

Camera Lens angle:

The width of the lens will determine the field of vision, however the wider lens gets on the camera the shorter the focal length becomes. 

The size of the lens determines the range at which a human target can be identified, however as your lens size increases, the field of vision to the left and right (field of vision) will decrease.

Memory and space for data storage:

Recording Control Units come with a range of data storage sizes from 1TB upwards.

With these units you can increase your storage capacity in various ways.

You could increase your storage by additional hard drives, or network attached storage devices to an unlimited capacity.

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